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What a great week we’ve had in VBS!  Our church has not held a VBS in what some estimate to be 15 years.  Being very small in numbers, and wishing to use the VBS as an opportunity to grow the church, we set out Saturday to visit area homes.  We met many people, some with children, some without, and found them to be very friendly and excited to hear about the church.  As a result of the visits, we had guests who brought children to VBS and look forward to getting to know them better.

Our totals for the week: 

37  Children

17  Workers

Regarding the Children:    3 were unchurched and living in the general vicinity of the church, 9 were related to church members, 7 were from an area outreach center, 10 were from families at our home church, 2 were babies, 4 were from other area churches

From our door-to-door VBS invitation visits on Saturday we found:   an elderly woman living alone who doesn’t drive and needs help cleaning up her property from recent storm damage, a physically abused wife who is ill and was left without food and money (we were able to take her some food, and are encouraging her to let us help her get medical attention and living assistance), a Christian man and woman who have been praying for the area and the church for some time, a man (who is already known by church members)whose teenage son died in his arms after a wreck a few years ago and is needing Christ to heal his still hurting heart

Other opportunity for ministry this week:  During the last night of VBS, one of our teenage workers came upon a wreck scene and drove the woman to our church for help.  It was amazing that this woman was not killed as she passed out while driving with the cruise control on.  Although a little disoriented, she did not appear to have any injuries.  We were able to take her home, and plan to follow up with a visit tomorrow.

So you see?….It has been a fruitful week at Purtis Creek Baptist Church!  We pray that this will be another beginning for the church…an opportunity to reach the community. Please pray that God will go before us as we also make post VBS visits to each child’s home in the next few weeks. 

Special thanks goes to our congregation for their hard work this week!  With the exception of only a few who had to care for ill family members, we estimate that we had 100% participation from our congregation!

Thank you to our Summer Missionaries, Jennifer, Amanda, and Kenya, who touched many of the children’s hearts with well prepared and wonderfully presented stories, music, and recreation activities.  Thank you also to FBC GBC for sharing decorations, supplies, and materials…we could not have done it without your support 🙂

It was encouraging to see Bro. Dan, Bro. Nolen, Bro. Brewer, and Bro. Kelley who surprised us with a visit from our home church as well.  Melissa, Jason, Shawna, Wallie, Jenny, and Angie also brought their children and supported us this week — even pitching in at times. 

Jack, La Dell, Elaine, Christie, Pam, Mandi, Chris, Cindy, Tessa, Hailey, Anthony, Pam…..you guys (and girls) were GREAT!!!  T-H-A-N-K  Y-O-U!!!

Run, Run, Run the Race!

Keep, Keep, Keep the Pace!

Run the Race!  Keep the Pace!

Keep Your Eyes On Jesus!



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12 responses to “VBS’ng.

  1. Mike

    God is so good. I’m really happy for you and Kenneth. I know starting a church is not easy and comes with a heavy price at times, and yes ya’ll are basically starting from scratch.

    I need to be more deligent in my prayers for you guys and this new work. May God continue to use you both in ways you know not.

    BTW, the Oak Street kids were so excited about ya’ll picking them up.

  2. Julie,

    It’s good to hear how well things went for your VBS. I know as you were preparing, and even in the midst of it all, you probably thought, “I can’t take one more step.” Then, the results. Isn’t it amazing how God fuels your tank when you think the fumes are just about to run out?

  3. I am just looking through your pictures as they are popping up (which is totally cool btw!) and there pops up Dub Kelly. That man is an awesome servant of Christ!!! He is everywhere.

  4. Kenya…you are so cute.

  5. Cynthia

    Wow, I am so amazed by what God is doing in your lives. Keep on keepin on and he is going to knock your socks off. VBS is such a blessing. I miss getting to work in it, but I know I am where I am for a reason. Take care and God bless all your endeavors.

  6. Kenya

    Cherie…I feel so special 🙂

  7. Julie,

    Does Pam blog? If so, where?

  8. I know VBS is fun, but I also know from past experience that it is A LOT OF WORK. Looks like you all had a good time.

  9. Julie

    Thanks everybody.

    Dale, Pam doesn’t blog at the current time, but I told her she should do one to keep us all updated of her college experiences. Who knows?….maybe she will!

  10. Julie,

    If Pam will create a blog, she can send her grades home on every individual assignment. When she thinks about that, I’m sure she’ll jump at the chance to get one going!?!? Is Kenneth going to blog anymore, or do we need to go ahead and have a memorial service?

  11. Julie

    Grades? You mean she is to be getting GRADES at college? Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I thought she was just going there to play soccer 😉

    As for Kenneth….your guess is as good as mine.

  12. What amazing things God is doing!!! God is SOOOOO good, right? 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with me. 🙂

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