Half Full.

half full or half empty? 

I found aNOTHER gray hair this morning!  It is a new one.  I know it because it was located further back than the other four I have found.

I’m in a “pickle” because I have always blamed each of the other four gray hairs on my children — one for each of them! 

Now…I guess I can name this one “Kenneth”.  (love you, dear!!)

The real challenge to this is how I view it…Is the glass “half-empty” or “half-full”?

As I near my 40th year, I realize that by all worldly standards, my life is soon to be half over.  My opportunity to make a difference in the world is soon to be on the “down hill” side. 

There has already been much I have learned — plenty through mistakes I have already made.  Now I believe I am walking with the Lord (most times), and look forward to what He has in store for the rest of my stay here on earth.

My mission, however, is only half-done.  I have half-a-life more to be obedient to God; half-a-life more to tell others about Jesus; half-a-life more to respond with kindness to a stranger; half-a-life more to help meet the needs of others; half-a-life more to be an example of Christ.

On one hand, I allow myself to view my glass as half-empty……but only when I think of how much more I have to give. 

On the other hand, I could view my glass as half-full…full of God’s love and knowing that I am half-way to seeing Him face to face!

 Either way….”It’s All Good”, as some would say!

I guess gray hair isn’t so bad — especially after I’ve plucked it out!



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16 responses to “Half Full.

  1. Mike keeps trying to blame all of his gray hairs on ME! Plus he keeps trying to tell me that gray hair is a sign of wisdom…that sign of wisdom was marrying ME!!!

  2. I once saw a Tee-Shirt with a little gray rabbit on it with the caption “Don’t be afraid of a little grey hare” I’ll be on the look-out for one for you!” Keep in mind, some people get a late start at making a difference in the world…but finish strong. Also, consider… you may not get to have the whole second half… God may decide to “beam you up” through the straw of that half-whichever glass…
    Either way, I know you will finish strong. I already see evidence that you are “broken and spilled out….and poured at the feet of Jesus” Love ya, Julie!

  3. Hi Julie! My week has been going good. I walked out this morning and felt like I was at the coast — HUMID! I hope we get some more today — that means I won’t have to water… 🙂 Your mission is only beginning…it’s always progressing from glory to glory — little by little.

    I probably have a few more gray hairs than you — it’s your crown of glory.

  4. By “I hope we get some more today — I meant — RAIN! DUH!

  5. Gray hair isn’t so bad when you consider what the Bible has to say about it.

    Pro 16:31

    (AMP) The hoary head is a crown of beauty and glory if it is found in the way of righteousness (moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation). [Prov. 20:29.]

    I’d rather have gray hair than be bald, that’s for sure.

  6. Kenya

    I was the GOOD kid….I never gave you gray hair…Remember that!

  7. Kari

    I agree with Kenya….she is like me…the first, the best, the most well behaved, most responsible….etc, etc, etc….how could she ever give you a gray hair?????????

  8. Julie

    Dreama — Yes, Mike sure got wise when he found you! I don’t know what happened to Kenneth….his hair didn’t go gray, it just fell out when we got married 😉

    Rhonda – I say “Beam Me Up, God”!! What a thrill it’s going to be to arrive by His side :0) P.S. I wear a medium!!

    Johnnie – That is so true! I forgot about that mixed blessing with all the rain. I remember last year just dreading our water bill. We tried to keep at least the front yard watered, but finally gave it up due to the high bills. As a result, we lost some shrubs and a lot of the grass. Around October (late, I know!) I spread some grass seed on the dirt and prayed. This year, we have lush green grass (mixed in with some weeds, of course!) which is very rare in Texas during July. Praise the Lord for free water 🙂

    Carol – Yes, I would definately choose gray hair over no hair! lol Thanks for the reminder!

    Kenya – Yours is located on the upper front right side of my head. Well…..it WAS…..until two days ago when I pulled it out!

    Kari, Kari, Kari……..your turn for gray hair is just around the bend!!! Little Julia Grace is the first born, too! Honestly, I hope she turns out just like you and Kenya! Give her a big hug and {{smooches}} from “Aunt” Julie!

  9. I found the answer…just shave it so close to your scalp no one can see it. Works for me!

  10. cherie

    Julie- I think that you are one of the most beautiful women I know…inside and out…gray hair and all!!! I miss you. We need to have lunch this week, before Sat.! We are praying for the vbs. the oak street kids were beaming yesterday as they told us that y’all were gonna pick them up.

  11. Hey Julie I take your advise and entered into the world of blogging!

  12. took* my bad i just woke up lol

  13. Hey Julie,

    With readying Pam to go off to college, two boys running at full speed, and a household to keep up, I just don’t understand why you’re not blogging every day. What’s the hold up?

  14. Julie

    Buddy – I think I might just look a little weird if I follow your advice!! Welcome back 🙂

    Cherie – If you can still call me “beautiful” after seeing my “Before Makeup” self the other day, then I do call you a true friend! Missed you too!

    Michael – Welcome to Blogdom. Wish I could comment on your site, but it seems to think I am “anonymous” 😉

    Dale – I had to take break from all the other stuff to get my “blogging fix” today. I’m not posting, but am enjoying reading everyone else’s and commenting! Are we going to be seeing your family on Saturday?

  15. I think so, but Karen is the social coordinator. I’ll ask her and tell you for sure.


    I think all five of those are from me…Lol

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