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Top Posts for 30 days ending 2007-07-09 (Summarized)

Summarize: 30 Days

2007-06-09 to Today

Title Views
Prayer Requests 47
Laughing 5. 38
Success. 36
Diggin’ Jesus. 30


I’ve often wondered how many of you are reading the Prayer Request Tab at the top of the page?   Since God impressed upon me to start one, it has filled to 30+ prayer requests, some of which have been shared by many whom I’ve never met.  However, I have not received many comments regarding the requests to let me know who is praying.  

I know some of you are, but honestly wondered if many would even see the page much less (or more!) actually make it a matter of regular prayer.

Well…much to my surprise, I checked the stats for the Top Post over the last 30 days, and I saw “Prayer Requests” listed at the top!!  God is so great!  I am humbled and even repentful for doubting that He would receive the prayers and glory. 

My earnest desire for the Prayer Requests page is to bring together groups of brothers and sisters in Christ who engage in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through regular prayer.  When two or more are gathered (even in “Blogdom”), I believe God hears and responds.

Thank you for placing God at the top of the stat page!  There is no greater honor for this blog than to know that it is being used for the purposes of God.  I would much prefer that the Prayer Requests page be always considered better than any post I could ever write.

I am encouraged… to know so many of you are reading the requests that have been shared. 

I also encourage you… to comment every once in a while just to say “I’m praying”, or even to share a request of your own.

May you all have a blessed and happy week  🙂



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2 responses to “at the Top!

  1. Hi There!

    How did you find the summary of your top posts? Is that offered by WordPress?

    God is so good and what a blessing to have this forum for sharing prayer requests.


  2. Julie

    Hi again Scotti!

    You can find it on the stats page. Click on your dashboard, then on “BlogStats”, and then on “TopPosts”. It automatically creates a page that shows your top posts for the last seven days.

    If you want to see 30 days back, click on “30 Days” and it should summarize it for you.

    I’ve been a little busy this week, but I’m looking forward to returning to your site for some good reading. –Looks like you’ve got some good poetry going on!

    Have a great day in the Lord!


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