Laughing 5.

God knew that we needed a good laugh tonight…

At the dinner table, my husband attempts to entice the three-year old into reciting his bible books (which he has memorized from Genesis to Ezra as of now).

Daddy offers two quarters, but never gets the opportunity to say what he expects in return because the three-year old immediately responds in slurred, fast, unprovoked speech, …and…with attitude says,

“Dat not de problem,……Dork!”

Oh my word!!!???  lol   We all just sat at the table, attempting to hold our composure, but failing miserably. 

Then comes the laughter…(I have to admit…I was first)…then sister number two, then sister number one, brother, and finally……finally  Dad has no choice but to chime in! 

Where in the world did THAT come from?!!!

Dad finally asked the three-year old where he heard that word, and his reply,

“In the sky…Jesus said it.”  😉




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7 responses to “Laughing 5.

  1. Dale

    Hey Julie, I am just dying to know, “What was de problem?”

  2. Hey Dale, I think at that time, I was the problem. I guess I need to learn when is the right time to say Bible books. When Brett is eating, Not a good time!

  3. Dale

    Good grief. You’d think I could have figured that one out since I know how much he likes his viddles. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  4. Julie

    You guys have SURELY figured it out!!

  5. Dale

    Hey, you put two of us together, and… and… and, there’s no telling what we could figure out!?!?

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