Not Sleeping.

It is 4:59……AM.   (Emphasis on the “A.M.”)!  Yes…..there really IS a 4:59 AM!

 I woke from a fitful night of sleep about an hour ago.  So, what do I do?……catch up on some blogging 🙂

I can’t believe I am awake.  I mean, REALLY ….AWAKE!!  This will certainly make for a fun day with preschoolers!



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11 responses to “Not Sleeping.

  1. Insomnia. I love it. Tossing and turning…watching endless “Paid Programming” and the wonders of a mattress that can singlehandedly make your life better. Or better yet, the “Giant Ladder System”.

    Let’s hope both of our bouts with this insidiousness are short lived.

    Here’s to shut-eye!
    Enjoyed the post!

  2. Praying you don’t run out of steam before the end of the day! Have a great weekend!

  3. If you were up that early, I hope you’re so tired by bedtime that you sleep like a carefree baby. 🙂

  4. Julie

    Thanks everyone. I actually did ok today — the kids were pretty cooperative. Took a nice, hot shower at about 4:00 pm for the wake-up call to dinner and Wal-Mart! I hope it was just a one time occurence, but I’m finding that the older (and more out of shape) I am, that my sleep suffers. If I could just find time to get on the treadmill, I know it would be much better. Maybe I should ask you all to pray for my motivation to make time for that?

    You’re all a blessing to me — thanks again!
    Have a great Memorial weekend,


  5. Please, can I be included in that prayer for treadmill motivation? Julie, I’ll pray it for you. Will you pray it for me? It’s 2:45am, and I’m wide awake!

  6. satisfiedhousewife

    Hi Julie! I know what you mean. There are some nights that I look up at the clock while studying and it’s nearing 2 am! I have to force myself to go to bed…but I was glad I did! My son still wakes up to nurse every 2-3 hours and he just turned 1!

    God bless you!

  7. satisfiedhousewife

    P.S. I love your “new look”! 🙂

  8. Julie

    Rhonda,…..did my treadmill prayer for you work yet?!! ha ha
    My treadmill is still covered in clothes that need to be hung up!!

  9. Julie

    Thanks, Jen! Whew!….I have to say that I am glad to be out of the nursing every 2-3 hours stage!

  10. It has been five days, no new post, are you still sleeping. Hello.
    Really, this sleep thing is way overrated. Just kidding! Pray you are resting right now.

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