the First Day of the Rest of Her Life.

My youngest daughter is now an adult.  She graduated last night, and I am so proud!  Proud of her and the growth she has made over the last eighteen years. 

 From diapers to pull-ups to braces and hair straighteners…she has always been a joy. 

The most exciting moment by far was the day she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior!  Her Dad and I were so relieved to see her acknowledge God’s hand in her life!

She has grown spiritually, especially within the last several years.  I have seen her turn to God in times of trouble.  She has taken steps to stand up for and defend her faith at school, even when it meant persecution.  She has increased in confidence and boldness – even to the point of realizing that sometimes faith in God means choosing Him over friends and family.  This is a hard lesson for a young person to learn, yet she has accepted it gracefully.

She has a heart for others, often showing concern for friends who may be off the “narrow path”.  She has chosen wisely in regards to relationships with guys.  She has remained pure, drug-free, and available for God’s calling.  For this….we are so thankful!

As graduation came nearer, and scholarship applications had to be completed, she struggled in verbalizing her goals and dreams.  Knowing that only she could come to a realization of that, I struggled, wanting to step in and fill her dreams with my own.  However, I knew I couldn’t.  She had to come to a realization of what it was that God wanted for her to do the rest of her life. I knew that now, especially now, SHE had to be the one to make the decisions.    —Time to let go……..Wow, this is the hard part for a parent 😦

Seven days before graduation, God chose to reveal His immediate plans for her.  In a series of almost unbelievable events, her goals and dreams were defined and became a reality!  She sent me an e:mail expressing her excitement at the realization that God already knew what was in her heart.  Even though she had yet to confidently state it, God personally arranged her future, sending unknown people and circumstances in to pave the way!

She now will be going to college, a Christian college, playing on a soccer scholarship, and sharing this time with a good friend who will be attending as well.  God has worked out the finances (Praise the Lord!), and the timing.  The soccer coach drove over 7 hours to meet with us and was so encouraging, patient and kind to answer all of our questions.  She will be able to study in the computer/graphic arts field while playing the sport she loves, all the while being able to openly express and participate in Christian activities on a campus that focuses on our Lord. 

We couldn’t be happier for her!  — and so humbled that God would protect and love our daughter so much.  Sometimes we, as parents, think that it is up to us to arrange and prepare the future for our children.  We forget that God, Himself, has the ultimate control, and takes the lead in laying the foundation for their success after high school.

God Is…the First Day of the Rest of Her Life —

He is also the “Inbetween” and the never-ending Last. 

Congratulations, my daughter!  We Love You!   



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10 responses to “the First Day of the Rest of Her Life.

  1. suli

    this is just my own story since i have a daughter this age
    and i’m just praying that the lord will pave the way…..

  2. What a beautiful post! I can relate to the part about how it is hard to let go. My daughter is 15, and it will only be a few short years before she graduates. I am praying for God’s guidance in her life and am confident that He will direct her path as well. Thanks for sharing this story.


  3. Julie

    Suli – Thank you for the comment, and for stopping by! I will pray for your daughter, that God would lead and direct her every move.

    Hope you’ll come back to visit again!

    Many blessings,


  4. Julie

    Carol – You’re turn is definately just around the corner! I still can’t believe that mine has graduated –18 years just goes by so quickly. I pray God will also lead and guide your daughter toward the right path.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  5. I’m so excited for your graduate! And happy to see how God is working through you and Kenneth. We will continue to pray for you in your new ventures with HIM.

  6. Julie

    Thanks, Rhonda! You and Boonie are a great inspiration and example to us. We appreciate having your support and guidance.

  7. Praise The Lord! God is so awesome isn’t He? May she continually walk with Him.

    “Your decrees please me; they give me wise advice.”
    Psalm 119:24 (NLT)

  8. Buddy

    Nice post. What wonderful things you have to say about Pam. I would like to add that she is a musical prodigy and just plain dawg gone funny!!! We are sure going to miss her right along with you when she takes off on this new adventure.

    Congratulations on your graduate. She has completed twelve years of school but her highest grade is still a 100 🙂

  9. Hey Jewels,

    I am so proud of Pamela Black! She is such a blessing and I am so excited for her and her new opportunities to follow Christ. I know a big portion has to do with you and Kenneth being such Godly parents and role models.

    We love and miss you guys so much!!!

  10. What a great post and tribute to your daughter! It speaks volumes of what her parents are like!
    Bless and praise the Lord for His faithfulness to you and your family! He is just so good to us all!

    I am glad to be home and have a chance to check in. Thank you so much for your prayers Julie, they and you are appreciated! May Jesus bless you in all you put your hand to.May He continue to shine his light upon your path and that of your children. May every one rise up and call you blessed of the Lord!

    Have a great day in Christ, it’s good to be awake and filled with His life!

    “I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth!”


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