Have you seen the new Prayer Requests tab at the top of the page?  I encourage you to be a part of this prayer ministry.  Add comments with your prayer requests, and I will update the list.  Most of all, join us in prayer for all of them. 

In particular, this very week, there are several who are facing huge trials, so I ask that you would join us in fervent prayer for the following:

1.     Heather George.  Heather is a mother and wife who recently found out that she has a brain tumor.  She has flown to the Mayo Clinic this week for consultation and possible surgery.  Her story is especially sensitive, because she has already faced huge obstacles in the caring for her daughter who has Mitochondrial Myopathy .  I do not know them, but God just keeps impressing upon me to pray for them.  I came upon their story through BooMama’s site who has initiated a fund drive to help with the family’s expenses.  Already, they have raised $17,500!!  What a blessing for a family who so needs our prayers and encouragement this week.

2.     Miss Tommie – Many of you know her, and some of you do not, but let me say that Miss Tommie is one of those godly women who just shines the love of Jesus all over her face.  There has hardly been a time that I have ever seen her that she wasn’t beaming.  She is so faithful to our church family, and most all of us consider her as our adopted grandmother.  She will be meeting our Lord soon because her liver is shutting down, and we will miss her terribly.  Please pray for her comfort during this time, as well as her family and the loss to our entire community as she goes.  We love you Miss Tommie!

3.     Galoneda – Galoneda is an effort that God is directing for about 20+ people in our community.  The focus is on one subdivision where alot of people would be afraid to approach.  Reportedly, there are numerous drug activities, prostitution, desolation, and poverty among many of the residents there.  Through the response of God’s call to several individuals, a purposeful effort is being made to visit these houses and minister to their families.  Much prayer and planning has gone into this cross-denominational effort, and is being fulfilled through members and pastors of several different area churches.  Finally!….Christians are coming together to respond to the need for ministry without worrying about whose church will be the biggest, best, most reputable, etc. 

Even before the first visits, God paved the way for this ministry by preparing the hearts of the P.O.A. board to support the effort.  In God’s perfect timing, He allowed access to the area, provided a place to minister, and prepared the board members to not only support, but if necessary, to defend the effort to the area homeowners.

A park is being cleaned up.  Backyard bible studies are being prepared for children in the area.  One young man has already rededicated his life to Christ.  A woman who is homebound and unable to interract with anyone, is encouraged because it was found out that she has been praying for 8 months that God would intervene in their neighborhood. 

It is so exciting to be near the work of God! 

Next visits are this Saturday, April 28, 2007.  The backyard bible club will be starting on May 19th.   

Please pray for all the individuals involved — those ministering, the neighborhood residents, the churches supporting this effort, the POA board for their support, and for the unseen miracles awaiting the days ahead.  It IS a revival, happening right here in Texas, and God will receive all the glory for it!




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2 responses to “Listening.

  1. We’ve started a bloggy prayer chain over at my site for sweet Heather. Thank you for encouraging others to pray!

  2. wow…I am officially the world’s worst blog updater!

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