Holding Brett.


               party hat, balloon, and conffetti

August 24th, 2007

This is the date that I am looking forward to in this 2007 year.  Lord willing, we will be celebrating that day, as my son (the three year old) goes one year without a seizure!  We are seven months into the countdown, and for the first time in over two years, I am believing that we actually have a chance of overcoming all of his medical obstacles.

It all began in November of 2004.  I was working late, and my husband was home with the kids.  The baby, having just turned a year old a few weeks before, was playing in his playpen.  My husband left the room for a minute, and returned to find him lying in the playpen experiencing a full seizure.  

Having received the phone call, I raced home to arrive about the same time as the ambulance.  I walked in the house to see him turning blue.  It was awful.  I will never forget my husband’s words to me as he said, “I thought we lost him”.  He did come out of it though, and we got him to the hospital, eventually learning  the terminology, “febrile seizure”.

Prior to this time, I had heard of other kids having seizures with fever, but had never heard what it was called, or had any personal dealings with it.  A febrile seizure is caused when there is a sudden rise or fall in body temperature.  It’s kind of like putting the brain in “overload”.  There’s something about his body that doesn’t gradually increase his temperature when he gets sick.  Anytime he runs a fever, whether it be 99 degrees or 102+ degrees, it jumps so fast that it causes a seizure.  Usually, he doesn’t even give us any warning.  He just goes from playing with no symptoms, to falling out into convulsions. 

15 seizures, multiple hospital stays, specialists visits, tests, pneumonia, and illnesses later, the decision was made to remove his adenoids in October of 2006.  The problem became not so much the seizures, but what was triggering them, which was the fever.  The fever was caused because he continually was getting sick.  So…the logical answer was to find out what was preventing him from staying well, take care of that, and then eliminate the root of the illness.

After his adenoid surgery, we have noticed a dramatic improvement in his health.  For the first time in his life, he has been able to have a common cold, as all young children do, and fight it within his own body’s defense system.  Prior to the surgery, a common cold would have thrown him into deep, fast infection of some sort, fever and a seizure within three days.  So, as you can see, we are very excited to report on his improvement!

There are still obstacles we are facing.  He is unable to be around other sick children, play at indoor public play facilities, stay in the church nursery, etc. without getting sick.  We are still having to be a little overprotective by sheltering him from normal childhood illnesses.  While his immunology tests have turned out okay, it still seems like his resistance to germs is low, so we have to be constantly mindful of that. 

We have also yet to see him run a fever without a seizure….that would be a real victory indeed!

However, seven months after his last seizure, we are gratefully reporting improvement.  I know that God is holding Brett in His loving arms…healing  his little body day by day.  He is such a joy to our family, and will be a wonderful testimony for the Lord as he gets older. 

So…we are trusting him to our Father…the One who created Brett, and knows best in all things.  Thank you, Lord God, for your loving arms to hold my son, heal his body, and see us through this trying time.  Thank you for the tears welling up in my eyes as I write this today.  Tears that I know are only there because you have blessed me with a son like Brett.  I am humbled and broken that You would allow me this pleasure when so many other parents lose their children to sickness and death.  I gratefully accept your gift, and ask Your guidance and direction as we raise Brett to honor You wholly.   Thank you for seeing to it that febrile seizures are not neurologically damaging, and that he is expected to grow out of them one day.  Thank you for seeing us through mounds of doctor bills.  Thank you for guiding our decision to refuse phenabarbital.  Thank you for allowing me to be a stay at home mom, especially when Brett needed me so much.  Thank you for the knowledge you provided to the doctors we have seen.  Thank you for the strength our family has gained by going through this.  Thank you for a wonderful church family and friends who have loved and cared for us.  Thank you, Lord, for even the unseen blessings of this trial you have allowed in our life.  I praise you today, and forever.  Amen.

  ….August 24th, 2007.  A Friday night.  Get your party hats ready!!


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5 responses to “Holding Brett.

  1. Julie, I will pray for Brett! Jesus is able to bring your precious little one into health and wholeness. He wastes no trial we are in, for He truly is a Redeemer of all.
    We are in agreement with you prayer and thank the Lord for His eternal faithfulness and love to you and your family.

    Jesus love and blessings to youalways!


  2. Aunt Paula

    How refreshing it was to read how you have allowed God to bless your family through Brett’s illness. I was reminded once again how God blessed our own family when our daughter Kara was born. I had a condition called placenta previa. she was delivered by an emergency C-section and was placed in the neo-natal ICU. During that time she had several seizures, 3 blood transfusions, was under an oxygen halo, and was hooked up to numerous monitors. Brian and I felt that the only thing to do was to trust her to God’s care. We prayed for Hiw will, whether that meant taking her home to be with Him or healing her to serve Him on earth. He chose to use her here and has been such a blessing to us and to others. What a peace it brings to put our lives in our Father’s hands!

  3. A friend went through frequent doctor/ER visits because of her baby’s respiratory issues. He couldn’t just get a cold. It would turn into a major respiratory failure. I know how tired you must be or have been. Praise to God for the 7 months of rest so to speak. My friend’s baby is doing much better recently although they still have to be more cautious in his interactions with other kids. Hang in there and enjoy!

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  5. Julie

    Thank you Susan, Aunt Paula, and Joni. Your prayers and thoughts are really comforting. I am very blessed to have sisters in Christ who will intercede on our behalf. Many blessings to you, Julie

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