Well…it seems that I have reached a new milestone!  WordPress has released a list of the fastest growing blogs, and guess what?….I am listed as #51?!!

Since starting this blog on January 24, 2007, I am now showing 1865 hits, 13 posts, and 70 comments. 

Now, the really surprising part is that I have NO IDEA what I am doing right?!!!!

I just write, and you keep coming to view………I just want to say “Thank You!”  I have heard from many of you, and you have been so gracious and kind to encourage me to continue. 

If you’ve never commented before, please let me know you are visiting.  Don’t be comment shy!  I love knowing who is reading.  Just hit the comment button, and leave me a short message.

On the right of this site, you will also find an announcement about a blog party that is going to be happening in March.  I found it while visiting Boo Mama’s site, which I love.  I have never participated in a blog party, but thought it would be fun, so I hope you will join me!  Just click the link, and follow the instructions to sign up.  There’s even going to be prizes! 

Finally, my daughter thought I should point out that the title of my blog, “God Is…” is the recurring beginning to each one of my posts which finishes a sentence (i.e., “…Success”)  So for that example, when you put the two together, it would read, “God Is…Success“.  Each post points out a different view of something God Is.     

If you look at this post, “God Is…Blogging”, you might wonder if that’s really true, but I will tell you that what I am finding out is that God is being used in the blogging realm.  It is so interesting to read each other’s blogs.  I am learning different points of view about a myriad of subjects, challenged by the discussion to search out biblical answers, and also encouraged through humor, and other interesting stories that I have read.  So, I do feel like God is in blogging.  What do you think? 

Thank you for your support and encouragement.  I hope that this site is a positive part of your day!



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21 responses to “Blogging.

  1. I enjoy your posts Julie….Keep blogging!!!

  2. That is my post under Cherie’s name. Cherie had interupted my blogging rounds. I do enjoy visiting you blog…Keep going!

  3. Julie

    thanks Buddy, I appreciate it!

  4. code6

    it’s interesting how it all works out — i found this community simply b/c I was doing a search for a specific subject on google. Now I’m hooked in.

  5. I found you through the party. It looks like you have a great site, here!!

  6. Hi. I found you through the party. Keep on bloggin’!

  7. Here via the Ultimate Party to say hello :o)

  8. Party hopping here…like your site!! stop on by!

  9. nice blog you have here, julie!!

  10. God is GOOD

    Swinging in for the Ultimate Blog Party!!! Nice meeting ya.
    Happy party week!!! PARTY ON!!!

    My first party favor give-away has begun. Come over when you get a chance.

  11. Well congrats! It IS exciting to see that little link that tells you you’ve been listed as a growing blog! 🙂

    By the way, I did catch the whole God is.. thing. 😉 Totally cool!

  12. Hey!

    Love you blog and that’s very cool how you do the title of your blog in with the title of the posts.

    Just stopping by on the party making my way up to #200 🙂 so many parties! So little time!

    Lisa B.

  13. Hi..Just wanted to say that I agree with you…God can be glorified in the blogging world. I so enjoy reading what God is doing in other’s lives and it makes me want to share what He’s doing in mine.
    Come and visit.

  14. Hi nice to meet you

  15. Saying hello from the blog party!
    Nice to meet you and congrats on being #51! 🙂

  16. HI there!! Nice to meet you and all your fabulous writing!! Congrats on moving up on the list, how exciting!! Blessings & when you have time pop on in!!

  17. Popping by for the party. Congrats on being fast-growing! Nice website. When I read books, I tend to find other authors those authors like–same thing with blogs.

    Please stop on by; I’m at–Christian homeschooling mom seeking out good things for parents.

  18. CONGRATS!!! that is so exciting – good for you!

    So nice to meet you and your new blog.

  19. I am stopping by for the party! Congrats on being one of the fastest growing blogs out there. What an honor! =)

  20. Congrats on that growth trend. Isn’t it nice to be surprised with an unseen, unexpected blessing from God?

    Thanks for the invite to visit.

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