Thoughts that go through my mind after the three year old has stuck a yogurt covered raisin in his nose…

1.     “Not a good thing!” (Note to self..”if he tries to blow it out, but sucks in instead, it will be worse”)…

2.     “Try bulb syringe….once, twice, then,…don’t panic, didn’t work…now what?” Ahhhhhhhhh!

3.     Check again…It’s really up there now…Go ahead and get him to blow…………..Oh great,….blowing didn’t work! Now what?

4.     “AAAACHEW”!!  …raisin in kleenex, Man, it’s a big one, too!  Praise the Lord for the sneeze reflex!



Filed under Blessings, Children, Creation, Family, God, Humor, Joy

3 responses to “Reflexes.

  1. Happy Valentine’s Brett! Hope the raisins smelled really good!

  2. Just another day in the life of a mother with a toddler.

  3. Jessica

    Funny!! Just yesterday I stuck a raisin up Deacons nose, Just so we could have that mother son experience.
    Love ya,

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