My day today was quite comical.  It started earlier than usual when we all got up, each showering and getting ready for the day early because “they” were coming.

Two showers down, and my turn………no hot water!!!  So….I had the privilege of either showering cold (no way…not again) or gambling on whether “they” would show up before I made myself presentable.  (I decided on the latter!)

 So….just as I was putting the finishing touches on me, “they” rang our doorbell. 

“They” are the “Window People” as my boys decided to call them.  Armed with drills, caulk, drop cloths, and some other “stuff” that we women would not have a clue what to call, the “Window People” entered our house at about 7:30 a.m.

Within minutes, there were open holes all around our house.  The old single-pane-let-every-ounce-of-air-we-pay-for-through-the-window windows were on their way out!  We were so excited!  Months and months of high electric bills, not to mention windows that would not lock, or were missing screens, or would barely raise up and down were being dismantled and loaded into their truck.

The only problem was that with the open holes, and the frigid wind, the temperature inside our house plummeted quite fast.  In no time at all, we were drinking hot chocolate, in full clothing, complete with fleece shirts and coats, and warming our hands at every opportunity. 

We locked the cat in the washroom so that she would not escape through the holes, but she did not appreciate it!  All day long, she was either scratching at the door, or playing upon our sympathies making a noise unlike any “meow” I’ve heard before.

I took the eldest son to preschool at 8:15 a.m., and then returned to spend the next 3 hours entertaining the three year old without…(gasp!)…access to the television (Noooo!!!), or computer, or most of his toys!  Breaking his normal routine of catching the latest Popeye episodes was NOT a good thing!  But….we managed.  We ate breakfast, played blocks, played “Window People” with his toy drill and tools, entertained the “Window People” with a game of “peek-a-boo”, and even addressed our valentine cards for tomorrow…of course, including a personal delivery to Shane, the “Window Guy”.

By 3:30 p.m., the old windows were gone, the new windows were in, the heat was on, the computer was plugged back in (praise the Lord!), and I have the most wonderful view from anywhere inside my house!!!  Both my husband and I are amazed at the quality, efficiency and professionalism exhibited by the crew that did the work.  They were amazing!

So, ….. when you’re driving past my house to look at the bloomers (read link to “Old-Fashioned”) on the line outside, you may also admire our newest home addition!!

Inspired by my friend Cherie, who is offering cheesecake and brownies for comments, I think I will offer personal tours of my home to the first 1000 people who comment on this post!!🙂 🙂 lol



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5 responses to “Insulated.

  1. Kari

    Okay bloomers! I’d like to schedule my appointment to see your ravishing new peepers! How does 7:00am tomorrow morning sound? Ha ha!

  2. Niki

    I’m on my way…not right this second, maybe in a few minutes. Or it could be tomorrow. Either way, I’ll catch you in your bloomers yet! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  3. We drove by your place before church tonight. Your new windows look great!
    We are having our front windows replaced next week. I sure hope that it warms up before then!

  4. OK…like your friend Cherie…I want to know if you will also be offering free food during the tour? 🙂

  5. Buddy, Yes…cheesecake and brownies! (If I get Cherie’s delivery before you come!)

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