My friend, Melissa, is finally heeding the advice of her good friends, and has created a website to show off her wonderful cakes.  God has definately gifted her in the area of cake decorating.  She is the up and coming  “Cake Connoisseur”! 

My words cannot do justice in describing her abilities and the delectable taste of her cakes, so I hope you will click this link to her website and see for yourself!

All I can say is………YUM!



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4 responses to “Gifting.

  1. Pass this on to Melisa please…The cakes look too beautiful to eat! I loved the one that you made for Bret’s b-day. It was delicious!
    p.s. I think that you need to add a blog to your cake site …then you can add blogging to your already busy schedule!-Cherie

  2. Melissa

    Julie – have you run out of things to blog about already?!?! 🙂
    Seriously,thank you so much for your ongoing encouragement, it means so much to me.
    Cherie – thanks so much. I am afraid to start blogging for fear I will turn out like Julie and have to be sent to rehab. Then when would I make cakes 😉

  3. Melissa, You never know what will happen if you become a blogger.

  4. Niki

    I want to wholeheartedly agree!!!!! Melissa has done a couple of cakes for me and not only are they beautiful, but they taste incredible! God has truly gifted her and we should all veto Walmart in honor of Melissa!

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