His comment when I asked what happened,

“I don’t know Mom, …all I saw was a white shirt”!



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5 responses to “Laughing.

  1. This is what happens when you can’t train your son with safe household items. If I could have trained him with the couch pillows, he could have dodged the girl in the white shirt. So much for MAN-LAW.

  2. My poor Bubba….just goes to show though…the girl always wins!!

  3. Hey…we think that you look handsom and manly with your black eye!

  4. Kenneth…what a powerful agrument you make. I’m sorry I know this is hard on you given that your hands have been tied.

    My goodness Julie…how long will you let these boys go without giving their dad the ability to train them properly? What more needs to happen before the pillows can come off the couch!?! PLEASE! FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR FAMILY, FREE YOUR HUSBAND FROM HIS SHACKLES!!!! LET THE TRAINING BEGIN!!!

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