hpim1733.JPG  As a mother of four, it is all too evident to me how God is Life.  The bible says that even before we were born, God knew us in the womb.  What an awesome thing to experience life!  At the birth of each one of my children, I recall just being speechless in His presence.  That He would use me to bring another human being into this world is just pure joy!  Without a doubt, a baby’s birth is one of the greatest experiences in this earthly world. 

I do not understand how anyone can doubt that life begins in the womb. My first sonogram experience was with my third child.  Seeing him in my womb with those little hands and fingers and toes, fully formed bones, and that little beating heart just left me speechless.  At one point, he even turned toward us and lifted his little hand and waved!  –really!  I think he was saying, “Hi, Mom!”  (I have proof….it’s on video!! 🙂  Anyway, whether he really meant to do that or not, there was no questioning that he was a whole, living child. 

Regardless of how awful this earth can be at times, looking at each one of my four children reminds me that God has better things in mind.  As I see each one of them grow and mature, I am just humbled to be their Mom, and of the awesome responsibility God has given me to guide them back to Him. 

I pray that I will live up to the task.



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4 responses to “Life.

  1. It was my first child who sparked my desire to come to Christ. I looked down at that tiny life and just knew I had nothing to do with this perfect little creation… There was someone bigger than me, someone more perfect than I who brought that little life into the world.

    How can anyone ever doubt that a perfect God exists?..

  2. Kari

    How true this is….as I face being a new first-time mom, I’ve really faced a lot of tough questions that I’ve asked to myself. To be given the chance to bring a helpless baby into this world and to raise them in the ways of the Father is a task that puts a fear and reliance on the Lord that I know I can’t do alone. I just hope and pray that someday my child will be able to say that they are so thankful to have had parents who guided them by example and raised them to love the Lord and fear Him, just as I can say about mine. (And I know your kids will say about you.)

    P.S. However, I can’t wait to meet our new bundle of joy….I know time will fly….but right now it seems soooo slow!

  3. julieblack

    Kari, Thanks for the comment! We are so happy for you and Jeremy! We often pray for you and that little baby, and can’t wait for the big day!! You will both be wonderful parents, and God will be your guide. Cherish the support of your Mom and Dad and extended family….it is a blessing many do not realize. If there is anything we can ever help you with, please let us know, ok? Love you both 🙂

  4. I found with my first child that I caught a glimpse of God’s love for me. Totally unconditioinal. There is nothing I wouldn’t give or do for her. Also, I noticed her complete reliance on me. She had no choice but to trust that I would feed her, change her, etc. Its not even a question in her mind. I’m the one she goes to(and Dad). And with each child(I have 3)I see that having more children does not divide up the love you have amongst them. It multiplies so that each child has an abundance. I don’t know how that works. I wish I had the faith of a child. Enjoy your number 2! Feel free to visit my blog for some mom humor now and then–and leave some of your own.

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